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How to Use PPC Ads to Generate Phone Calls to your Business?

  How to Use PPC Ads to Generate Phone Calls to your Business? Google Ads is the best platform to generate phone calls to any business. We RIT Ads Inc. proud Google Partner creates and manages stunning PPC campaigns which can deliver Calls to your business, responsible to convert sales.  We have more than 15 Years of Digital Marketing Experience and have created and managed more than 5000+ PPC ads campaign to generate phone calls to different industries including PPC Ads Campaign for Technicals Support , PPC Ads Campaign for Airlines , PPC Ads Campaign for pharmacy business.  If you have a business that needs calls to manage your sales figure, RIT Ads is the best option for your generate phone calls. We are the premium service provider for PPC managed campaigns, We deliver the best results and ROI to your business. We are the best digital marketing agency in The United States delivering the best results to generate phone calls to your business. If you need managed assistance to del

Top 5 Impacts of Microsoft Collaboration with Integral Ad Science (IAS) - to promote Brand Safety for Advertisers

Microsoft has chosen Integral Ad Science (IAS) - to promote Brand Safety for Advertisers Due to pandemic across the globe, resulting in consumers spending more time online than ever before makes it difficult for most of the marketers to connect with prospective customers with quality, trust or to meet ROI.   Performance and efficiency are utmost, Microsoft decided to join hands with Integral Ad Science which can help advertisers to get the most accurate and comprehensive coverage.   The audience network of Microsoft owned sites such as MSN, Microsoft Edge, and along third party publishing network is in millions. Now IAS’s pre-bid integration will help advertisers to have an additional layer of brand protection.   This added feature will be at no cost to the advertisers, and it will filter high-risk inventory before the bids take place.   For the All Microsoft Ads campaign - IAS will scan all site pages, and rate the pages based on risks (Adult, Alcohol, Gambling, Hate Spee