Advertising your Business on Social Media - RIT Ads, 2020 Update

Advertising your business on social media in 2020

The world is changing in 2020, Online businesses are booming. In this era, one question that arises in mind is "How to advertise your business on social media?" Social Media is really a powerful tool to connect with people. Your potential customers are already connected with brands on Social Media, and if you are not connecting directly with them on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram you're losing out business! The right approach to Social Media Marketing plan can bring the desired success to your business. Create stunning brand pages to drive sales and leads is as important as your offline business.

Before we know Advertising your business on Social Media, Let's have an expression about what is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Creating and Sharing unique content on Social Media Networks to achieve your business or brand goal is called "Social Media Marketing" or "SMM". Content can be created in the form of Text, Audio, Video, .gif images, Images, and can be a mix of all to gain the attention of users preferably known as audience engagements. 

Here, at RIT Ads, We've created this introductory guide to gain information on "Advertising your Business on Social Media" in 2020. 

  • First thing First - Make a Plan: Before you jump off, you should have a plan for your business goals. Starting "SMM" without a plan is like finding a route to home in a desert without a map - can be adventurous but you will end up wasting your energy (Money). Ask questions to yourself - "Niche of the business", "Target Audience", "How your audience interact of Social Media platforms", "What message you want to send to your target audience", and more...


"SMM" - Social Media Marketing Goals Explained. With the help of "SMM" you can target goals such as:

  • Increasing Traffic on your Website/App
  • Conversions building
  • Brand Promotion and Awareness
  • Generating Leads
  • Driving Sales

RIT Ads, - Best Tips for Advertising your Business on Social Media

Now, are you ready to get started? Here we go... At RIT Ads, We're sharing the best tips that you can use while advertising your business on Social Media.

  • Content Planning on Social Media - Building a plan is the most important task, research your keywords, and check your competition, do as much brainstorming as possible to create unique content that fetches the interest of your target audience. Spy on your competitors, check what they are doing?

  • Be creative, Punctual -  Ensure regular posts, this will make your audience or people who follow your brand on Social Media feel attended. Waiting long for the next episodes is considered as hell. Be active, create, and publish your content at a regular interval of time. Make your followers as you are caring for them.

  • Brand Imaging - Social Media makes your brand available on various social media platforms. It enables your business to project your brand on those varieties. Use them, with a variety of images, videos, .gif images, audio, voice-overs, animations, and much more to spread your brand. 

  • Promote your Content - If you'ere looking for a perfect channel for promoting your content, Social Media is your Answer. Share your website and blog content with the readers on social media. Build loyal followers who can appreciate your work, share it with others. Great content on your blog will help find those followers. In other way Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing work hand in hand. 

  • Measure your success with Analytics - That's the real tool, you can't measure your success without analyzing it. Almost every social media marketing platform provides their insights with their own analytic tool, however, there's another option "Google Analytics" which can help you compare your imagination with real facts. 

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